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Dafanie Financial provides our clients Colonial Life’s voluntary/supplemental benefits insurance plans to help them manage their healthcare costs, attract, and maintain talent and protect its workers and their families from a financial crisis that often occurs from sickness or accidents.

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Voluntary Benefits

Colonial Life and Accident pioneered Voluntary Benefits in 1955, and its products, services, enrollment specialist, and technology offerings are second to none in the employee insurance benefits industry.

Voluntary Benefits—also called supplemental benefits—are insurance products provided to employees at little to no cost to the employer. Voluntary benefits programs allow employees to enroll in accident, disability, critical illness, and dental insurance at significantly lower rates than they would pay as individuals.

Voluntary Benefits pay tax-free money directly to an employee upon the occurrence of a covered injury or illness. Most employees use the funds to cover their deductibles, coinsurance, and medical expenses not covered by their standard insurance policies. In addition, an employee may use funds to pay for utilities, groceries, house payments, and lunch for the kids.

Colonial Life:
Industry Leader and Pioneer

Colonial life is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, and provides “critical support to employees when the unexpected happens – whether it’s an accident, illness or injury.”

Founded in 1939

Pioneered worksite benefits vis payroll deduction in 1955 and laptop enrollment technology in early 1990’s

Operates in 50 states and DC. In New York, operates under Colonial Life Voluntary Benefits through an affiliate, The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company

Partners with over 100,000 businesses

Protects over 4.5 million employees

Part of fortune 500 enterprise

How Colonial Life Differentiates From Its' Major Competitors:

Offer group plans to small employers, rather than 100 plus employer groups

Offers products to three employee groups, and require only one employee enrollment

Accident plans are not based on SIC codes, Colonial plans typically rated higher

Premium Rates are typically lower and benefits richer because less money spent on ads on TV

Individual and group plans can be mixed and shown on one bill for simplicity

Enrollment specialists provide education and enrollment rather than agents

Coverage available for spouses and dependents whether the employee purchased that product or rider

Voluntary Benefits Can Help Employers:

Manage healthcare costs

Maintain and attract talent

Expand your employee benefits at no cost to the bottom line

Lower your payroll taxes

Show support to your employees

Manage your Workers’ Compensation Claims

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